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Data Privacy Statement

We naturally take all data privacy matters very seriously. Protecting the privacy of users on our websites at all times as part of our online offerings is a priority for us.

If and insofar as users voluntarily provide personal information, it is collected and stored in accordance with the statutory data privacy provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). Naturally all data are kept confidential. This data privacy statement describes the details of how data are handled.

1. Anonymous access data

1.1. Certain access data are collected and stored to improve our website offerings. These data cannot be related to specific persons. Access data are routinely collected and stored when a file from a website is requested by a user.

1.2. The data set routinely consists of:
  • The page from which the file was requested
  • The name of the file
  • The date and time of the request
  • The length of stay
  • The transferred data volume
  • The access status (that is whether the file was transferred or possibly not found and so on)
  • The IP address of the requesting device
  • The type and version of web browser that was used
  • The installed operating system and configured resolution.
1.3. The collected data sets are evaluated exclusively for internal statistical purposes and the technical administration of our websites. These data are not disseminated to third parties. The anonymised data are stored separately from personal information. Under no circumstances are they combined with the personal information of users. This excludes the possibility of drawing conclusions about a specific person.

2. Collection and storage of personal information

Personal information is only collected and stored in the course of using our online offerings when provided to us by the user via email or through a contact form that may be available on our websites. If the purpose of using the information is no longer applicable, it is erased.

3. Use of personal information

3.1. All personal information is used only for providing the requested services, with no separate consent of the user.

3.2. We also collect personal information automatically according to the purpose of any orders that are placed, and process this information in an automated file. Data may also be transferred to a service computer centre and to companies affiliated with us for further order processing.

3.3. Unless the user specifically agrees, collected data are not used for advertising, market research or opinion research. If the user wants to receive a newsletter offered by us, we require a valid email address and information allowing us to verify that the user is the owner of the specified email address or that the address owner consents to receiving the newsletter. Consent to the storage of data, the email address and its use for sending out the newsletter can be revoked at any time.

3.4. User data are disclosed to the applicable authorities in specific cases upon request, within their authority according to law (in case of criminal prosecution for instance).

4. Disclosure, correction, blocking and deletion

4.1 The user may request information about stored data for that user free of charge at any time. Furthermore, the user may be entitled to the correction, blocking or deletion of the stored data. Data are blocked if deletion is not possible due to legal or contractual retention requirements.

4.2. By request of the user, we shall provide full information regarding stored data about the user or the user's company free of charge at any time and correct, block or delete said data. We are happy to answer all questions regarding the collection, storage and use of data.

4.3. Users of our websites may contact us at any time for information about stored data and regarding other questions about data privacy. In this regard, the user may contact the following office responsible for all data privacy matters at any time:

Matthias Kaspar
First Capital Partner GmbH
Freihamer Straße 2
82166 Gräfelfing

5. Data security

5.1. Personal information is routinely transmitted over the Internet using a secure SSL connection and encrypted using the SSL method with 256-bit SSL. SSL encryption protects personal information against third-party access. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol for the encryption of messages on the Internet, offering especially effective data transmission security.

5.2. Our websites and other systems are also protected by technical and organisational measures against the loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of user data by unauthorised persons. However, full protection against all threats is not possible, regular monitoring notwithstanding.

6. Cookies

6.1. Our websites use cookies to make them more user-friendly and easier to use. Cookies are small text files stored on the user's computer by the Internet browser. If the corresponding page is called up again later, cookies allow the computer to be recognised. This means that information provided when filling out an order form, for example, are already there if the form is filled out again.

6.2. Cookies that are automatically deleted from the user's hard drive when the Internet browser is closed (session cookies) are routinely used. Other cookies can remain on the user's computer and allow the user to be identified at the next visit (permanent cookies). The user can change the storage of cookies at any time in the browser settings on the computer. The function "do not accept cookies" has to be activated in this case. However, this also means that the full functionality of a website may no longer be available.